Listing Policy

Listing Policy


In order to promote a safe, fair and enjoyable trading experience for all users, The Dog’s Business has established a set of listing policies.

This Listing Policy is mentioned in clause 4.4.4 of the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site and must be adhered to by all users:

This policy was last updated on 08.08.2016

  1. The following policies apply to all listings and are strictly prohibited:
1.1. Misrepresentation of items including:


1.1.1 Creating titles and descriptions that do not accurately describe the item for sale.
1.1.2. Inappropriate use of brand names or other words for the purpose of attracting Buyers.
1.2.  Anything that attempts to circumvent paying The Dog’s Business fees. This includes listing items with nominal amounts in order to circumvent paying The Dog’s Business fees, get contact details from the Buyer, and advertise items for free. Nominal amounts include 1c, 10c, R1 or any value that The Dog’s Business deems to be nominal.

1.3. Listing an item that requires an additional purchase, swop or trade in.

1.4. Listing of items where the Seller is not physically in possession of the goods for sale (for example listing an item as a “pre-order” or where the seller’s shipment has not yet arrived). This excludes Sellers operating on a “dropship” or consignment basis where the Seller has a proven track record and an established relationship with a supplier that ships directly to their Buyers. Permission needs to be obtained from The Dog’s Business and approval is entirely at the discretion of The Dog’s Business. NO PERMISSION is currently being granted for new sellers. An exception for items made to order, paintings, personalized, etc with the approval of The Dog’s Business.

1.5. Listing of items soliciting entries for a competition or charitable donations, subject to the approval of The Dog’s Business.

1.6. Listing of items in inappropriate categories.

1.7. Listing of multiple items that are the same or similar items that could be listed as a single listing.

1.8. An offer to give away a product or service for free (including the option to subscribe to a mailing list).

1.9. Unreasonably high shipping costs on item listings (including insurance). The Dog’s Business, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to charge a 5% penalty fee, calculated on the total shipping amount, for excessive shipping charges. The Dog’s Business may also either disable your account or remove your ability to sell products on its website for failure to comply with these terms.

1.10. Use of profanity or offensive language.

1.11. Specifically you may not list items that fit into the following categories:

1.11.1 Stolen goods;
1.11.2 Illegally imported goods;
1.11.3 Banned substances and pharmaceuticals that require a prescription according to South African law;
1.11.4 Pirated or counterfeit goods of any nature, including, clothing, watches or any item that would infringe on copyright or trademark laws;
1.11.5 Goods and services that could by nature be deemed to be harmful or dangerous, to persons or property either directly or indirectly;
1.11.6 Goods and services of which the sale or export would be in contravention of any law; and
1.11.7 Goods or services that according to The Dog’s Business’s sole discretion may be deemed to be inappropriate for sale on this site.
1.11.8 The sale of ivory products, raw, or any endangered or poached animal items, carved or uncarved is strictly prohibited.

1.12. Keyword spamming/inappropriate use of keywords in order to manipulate search results.

1.13. The Dog’s Business may at its sole discretion remove any items from the site for any reason whatsoever.

1.14. Listing abuse, manipulation and excessive listing on The Dog’s Business:

In order to create a fair and level playing field, and provide an enjoyable and safe experience for Buyers, Sellers may not manipulate or abuse the listing service to get items featured more regularly, prominently or spam the The Dog’s Business website with multiple product listings. This is entirely at the discretion of The Dog’s Business and will be monitored on a case by case basis.
1.15. Sellers may not offer lay-by’s as a payment option to Buyers.

1.16. Charity auctions and requests for donations may not be listed without the prior consent of The Dog’s Business, you will need to provide the charity’s NPO or Fund Raising number, including a letter from the charity confirming that you may collect funds on their behalf. We have offered this service to sellers, but need to ensure this is not another avenue of revenue and the proceeds to go to the relevant charity’s.

  1. The following policies apply to all listings:
2.1.  No external links are permitted (i.e. links other than those on the www.The Dog’s domain)
2.2.  No contact details of any sort (including telephone numbers and email addresses) are permitted in the description or in responses to questions, this includes advertising your business or services even if no contact details are included.

Violation of this policy may result in a range of actions, including, but not limited to, listing cancellations/deletion, listing restrictions, suspension or restriction of your The Dog’s Business account and forfeiting of The Dog’s Business fees on cancelled/deleted listings.