Billing & Fees Document

Billing & Fees Document

  1. Fees

:: Fees Only Apply to Sellers ::

At The Dog’s you can register, browse, search or buy items at any time, and with no charge. However, as a Seller when selling an item, you will be charged a Success Fee on successful sales only.

1.1. Listing Fees

  1.1.1. Standard Listing Fee: There is a monthly admin cost of R50.00 per month

1.2. Success Fees

The Success Fee only applies if you successfully sell an item on The Dog’s You will be charged a Success Fee based on the sales you accumulate for the month.

See the Free Structure below for detailed information on these fees.

Here Is How the Success Fee Will Be Calculated:

  • If your sales are R250.00 or less, your Success Fee is simply 5%
  • If sales are more than R250.00 and less than R750.00, then the Success Fee will be 5% on the first R250.00 (i.e. R12.50) plus 5% on the amount over the first R250.00.
  • If your sales are more than R750.00, then the Success Fee will be 5% on the first R250.00 plus 5% up to R1,000.00, plus 4% on the amount over R1,000.00.
  1. Invoicing

You will be invoiced once a month, on the first working day of every month, for the activity on your The Dog’s account over the past month. An Electronic Invoice/Statement will then be emailed to you.

  1. Payments

EFT for paying your The Dog’s fees:

  • EFT

We require payment in full each month on The Dog’s accounts. Failure to make a payment, causing your The Dog’s account to become overdue, will result in your The Dog’s account incurring extra charges. If your account is disabled or blacklisted due to non-payment, we reserve the right to charge a re-activation fee of R500. Overdue The Dog’s accounts will be charged interest at the current prime interest rate from time to time and you could also be made liable for any legal fees incurred by The Dog’s on the attorney and own client scale including collection commission and tracing costs incurred. Your permission to sell on The Dog’s may be suspended for non- or part-payment of fees.

The Dog’s payments to be received from the previous month on the 7th of each month (or the nearest working day thereafter).

  1. Credits and Refunds (including SNC’s – Sale Not Completed)

Credits are applicable for Success Fees only (Listing Fees/Admin cost are non refundable), and may be issued at the discretion of The Dog’s in the following cases:

  • The Buyer has not responded to your attempts to contact them during a period of 7 days after the end of the sale.
  • The Buyer does not fulfill the deal (this includes the Buyer backing out or not paying, having a financial or family emergency, or claiming that the terms of sale are unacceptable).
  • The Buyer’s payment fails (this includes the Buyer’s cheque bouncing or the Buyer stopping payment going through for some reason).
  • The Buyer returns the item and you refund the money.

Credits can only be claimed 7 days after the close of the sale, and no later than 60 days after the close of the sale. Before you can claim a credit, you must have attempted to contact the Buyer at least 3 times via email. (We may request you to forward these emails to us at any time, so please save copies of them.) Correspondence related to accounts to be addressed to

If your credit request is successful, a credit will be made to your The Dog’s account within 14 days of your credit request being approved. A refund can then be requested. Refunds will not be given for any complimentary credits to your The Dog’s account.

If in any event The Dog’s, in its sole discretion, finds that a user files invalid or fraudulent SNC (Sale Not Complete) claims, we reserve the right to immediately suspend, disable or blacklist the account and remove the ability to access or trade on the The Dog’s platform.



Final Sales Amount Success Fee (Including VAT) – fees valid from 1 April 2016
From Value To Value  
R0.01 R250.00 5% of final sales amount
R250.01 R750.00 R12.50 + 5% of final sales amount up to R750.00
R750.01 R1,000.00 R75 + 5% final sales amount up to R1,000.00
R1,000.01 No Limit R100 + 4% final sales amount over 1,000.00