About Us

I have been in Film Distribution Marketing for 15 years, I love movies but my biggest passions in life are my animals.

I grew up with numerous dogs and cats, my mom is a cat person and my dad is the dog person.

My animal journey started with a Boerbull Bullmastiff named Morrissey, which I got while still living in PE, I also had 3 cats, Garfield, Nicodemus & Harriet. When I got married and moved to JHB they all moved with us. I got another dog after moving to JHB called Pagan, a cross Rottweiler Doberman.

My journey continued where I rescued 2 other dogs from the Nelspruit SPCA when we lived there for 18 months, added more cats to my menagerie, lost some and my big first baby ever, Morrissey.

Moved back to JHB beginning of 2001 which is when I got into the movie business and brought my first Scottish Terrier named Wallace, he was booked and named even before being conceived. Even back then I phoned SPCA’s to see if there were ever any up for adoption before I booked Wallace from breeder, but they never had any and told me if they did the owner was there to pick them up.

This is where my LOVE for Scottish Terriers started. I currently have 5, Wallace & Murron whom I brought and my 3 Rescues, Duffy, Kenna and Brodie.

This is how I came up with the idea for the website. I am involved with Scottish Terrier Rescue SA and if I need tartan jackets or any other gift things with Scotties on I know where to go. I have numerous friend and family who are as passionate about their dogs as I am but have other breeds, ie Pugs, Bulldogs, Schnauzers, Africanis, etc and I have no idea where to get gift for them with their breeds. I also saw that people who make things with dog breeds on are so limited as to where they get exposure so hence The Dog’s Business was born, thanks to my brother in law for the name.

This platform is to have a one stop online shop for all breeds of dogs, cats and other animals (Rhino, Lions, Monkeys, etc) that sellers can load onto the site and sell their goods and not be limited to the groups they belong to on Facebook etc. Hopefully there will also be lots of buys who enjoy this convenient way to shop for their animals, friends & family.

My ultimate vision is to see our local product being branded South African in some way, ie, SA flag paw prints on the items or a Scottie with a SA Flag bandana, that would appeal to the overseas market, as again I have friends from SA who now live overseas and might like something SA flavour for their animals/breed of dog. Baby steps…. J

Hope you enjoy this journey with me.